As a naval architect I provide together with a network of marine engineers and naval architects a wide range of  services which allows me to handle minor and major multidisciplinary  projects. On the basis of my backround I take over the structural- and general design part and of course as one of my favorite tasks the implementation or design of the ships equipment.

Like every engineer,  it is a great pleasure for me to  to support my clients and their projects until the completion of the construction phase.

Please contact me to find out about the costs of my services.

My portfolio comprises but is not limited to:

  • Feasibility studies

  • On board surveys

  • Strength analysis based on FEM for all kind of structures

  • Strength calculation according to all class requirements

  • Structural classification drawings for all kind of vessels

  • Drawing review on behalf of the owner

  • General drawings  e.g Fire/ safety plan, Insulation plan, doors plan

  • Cargo Crane conversion projects

  • Air draught reduction projects

  • Ice class upgrade conversion projects

  • Draught increase and cargo boost project

  • Deck equipment conversions

  • Ship lenghening projects

  • Technical consultant for scientific lifting and winch systems

  • Anchor and mooring coversion projects

  • Mooring analysis, Mooring arrangement, mooring pattern, mooring layout for all vessel categories

  • Special mooring and towing considerations

  • e.g OCIMF-Mooring equipment Guidelines 4, St. Lawrence seaway, Suez canal-rules of   navigation, port requirements, Panama canal transit regulations new and old locks NT NOTICE TO SHIPPING No. N-1-2019

  • Single buoy mooring system